Benedict Park Place – Bike-Sharing Station Installed

Earth Day 2010 marked the debut of Denver B-cycle, Denver’s new bike-sharing program.

With Mayor John Hickenlooper’s blessings, about 500 shiny red bicycles are stationed at 40 locations throughout the downtown area.

One of those bike-rental stands is right here at Benedict Park Place. Check it out on the corner of Park Avenue West and Tremont Place!

Bike Rental Stand at Benedict Park PlaceBike sharing is just starting to catch on in the U.S., although it’s very popular in Europe, especially Paris, where there are over 200,000 bikes and 1,500 stations.  Washington, D.C. recently launched a similar program.

“The goal is to offer residents and visitors an alternative form of transportation that prevents air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, is good exercise and helps people save money that would otherwise be used on gas and parking,” said Brent C. Tongco on behalf of the city of Denver.

With so many stations concentrated in the downtown area, riders can pick up and drop off bikes quickly and easily.  Frequent exchanges keep rental costs to a minimum.  For example, you could bike to the Denver Art Museum, turn in the bike, tour the museum, pick up another bike and pedal over to the Colorado Convention Center where another station is conveniently located.

Riders need to purchase a membership before renting a bike.  Annual, monthly, weekly and daily passes are available.  The first 30 minutes of use are FREE.  Usage fees apply after 30 minutes, a plan that encourages renters to take short rides and turn in bikes at each destination.

You can find fee schedules, station maps and additional information at Denver B-cycle.

Save gas, stay green and pedal home to Benedict Park Place!

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